Thyroid gland

The thyroid gland (glandula thyroidea) is an unpaired organ horseshoe-shaped, located in the anterior neck, front and side of the thyroid cartilage of larynx. Her weight is 30-50, the front is covered sternum thyroid-thyroid and sternohyoid muscles at the side adjacent to it neurovascular bundle neck and back are cartilages of the larynx, pharynx, upper ring of the trachea and esophagus.

In the thyroid gland secrete two parts (left and right), which are connected to each other by an isthmus (istrhmus glandulae thyroideae). From outside the body is covered with a capsule, which runs processes that separate parenchymal gland into lobes. Each segment is formed follicles.

In Fig. 247.
Thyroid gland
1 - thyroid-hyoid muscle;
2 - thyroid cartilage;
3 - Left lobe of thyroid gland;
4 - the right lobe of thyroid gland;
5 - Isthmus of thyroid gland;
6 - trachea
In Fig. 248.
The thyroid and thymus glands
1 - thyroid cartilage;
2 - the thyroid gland;
3 - the trachea;
4 - the right lung;
5 - the left lung;
6 - aorta;
7 - thymus;
8 - pericardium

List of Abbreviations

a., aa. — arteria, arteriae (artery, the artery)

lig., ligg. — ligamentum, ligamenta (ligament, the ligaments)

m., mm. — musculus, musculi (muscle, the muscle)

n., nn. — nervus, nervi (nerve, the nerve)

r., rr. — ramus, rami (branch)

s. — seu (or)

v., vv. — vena, venae (vienna)