The pituitary gland (hypophysis) is an unpaired organ rounded and lies in the pituitary fossa of the sella turcica. Its weight is 0.5 g.

In the pituitary gland secrete anterior lobe, or adenohypophysis, intermediate portion and the posterior lobe or neurohypophysis. Anterior lobe and the intermediate portion formed by epithelial cells and develop from the epithelial wall of the diverticulum mouth of the bay.

The formation of the posterior lobe are involved ependymal and neuroglial cells. The development of this part comes from the diencephalon. The pituitary gland is connected with a gray mound, located on the bottom wall of the III ventricle, using a funnel.

List of Abbreviations

a., aa. — arteria, arteriae (artery, the artery)

lig., ligg. — ligamentum, ligamenta (ligament, the ligaments)

m., mm. — musculus, musculi (muscle, the muscle)

n., nn. — nervus, nervi (nerve, the nerve)

r., rr. — ramus, rami (branch)

s. — seu (or)

v., vv. — vena, venae (vienna)