Medical scientists have long been established that the emergence and development of diseases in the body may be affected by both direct factors such as poor, poor in vitamins and nutrients supply (including the absence of a culture of eating), the presence in food chemical additives ( colorants, flavors, stabilizers, etc.), prolonged use of drugs, the influence of the environment, bad habits, etc., and indirect, which give rise to disharmony in the body and cause an imbalance of the organs, systems and functions. Indirect factors may be stress, nervous breakdowns, stable and high physical and mental stress, permanent bad mood, resentment, anger, etc.

One of the diseases, which may be the result of direct or indirect factors (or combination thereof) is gastritis.

Gastritis - inflammation of the stomach, its mucosa or deeper layers. As disappointing data, the diagnosis of gastritis in one form or another (from barely visible inflammation of the stomach to ulcers) are about 50% of our population, and the occurrence of disease in humans begins with 25-40 years of age.

For a long time causes the appearance of gastritis were considered unhealthy lifestyles, particular food or stress. However, Nobel Prize winners - the Australian medics B. Marshall and R. Warren identified in the patient a special type of bacteria - helicobacter, which, as it turned out, and are the main causative agents of disease - more than 80% of cases of gastritis. Penetrating through the mouth into the stomach through a common utensils and hygiene items Helicobacter cope with acidic stomach and attached to the epithelium. Breeding, bacterium irritate the stomach wall and cause gastritis, acidity could exacerbate this fact, low levels of hydrochloric acid production by the body for easy access of harmful bacteria and microorganisms to the walls of the stomach and acidity itself becomes the cause of his irritation. In addition, the cause of the gastritis can be a bad heredity, which causes autoimmune gastritis - due to failure of the body's immune system produces antibodies that destroy the lining of the stomach and reduce acidity. Among other causes of gastritis should also note the lack of vitamins, iron deficiency, long-term medication.

Gastritis has two main types - acute and chronic. Acute gastritis is called the first manifestation of disease in humans. Defining acute gastritis symptoms are not distinct, specific to this particular disease. In 30-35% of patients in general may not have clinical signs of gastritis, while for others the treatment to a specialist to explain the diagnosis and treatment selection are discomfort, burning or pain in the upper abdomen (in the epigastric region), often on an empty stomach or in the at night, nausea, heartburn, vomiting, feeling of heaviness in the abdomen, constipation, dry mouth. At low acidity may arise bloating, indigestion. In some cases, gastritis may cause increased heart rate, lowering blood pressure, fever, weakness and dizziness. In the absence of timely appropriate treatment acute gastritis may develop into chronic. In chronic gastritis exacerbation occurs in waves, and its manifestations depend on the secretory capacity of the organism to produce hydrochloric acid, ie the acidity. At low acidity gastritis symptoms expressed a feeling of fullness even after a small meal, constant nausea, retching, vomiting. Due to uncomfortable sensations in the stomach some limit themselves to a meal, which affects the weight loss. With the increased secretion observed heartburn, constipation, white patches on the surface of the tongue.

To choose the most accurate treatment of gastritis, it is necessary to establish as accurately as possible the nature of its origin, the level of secretion of hydrochloric acid in the body and the degree of damage to the stomach wall. If the first two indicators can be identified by an external, analyzing the symptoms of gastritis, the latter can only be determined by the method of sensing. For many patients, this method may seem unpleasant, but the best method to detect gastritis has not yet invented. In the end, all manipulations made in the interests of patients, so we need to accept and facilitate the identification of the disease.

In the diagnosis of gastritis in the first place need to pay special attention to food. Only a strict diet with concurrent intake of herbs and medicinal treatment is able to provide a full recovery. In some cases, for minor injuries of the gastric mucosa, gastritis can be cured by diet alone for a month.

The first few days after the detection of gastritis should be possible, completely abstain from food intake (in some cases, gastric lavage should be), to eat only possible fluid - mineral still water, weak tea room temperature. On the third day you can start eating, nutrition for gastritis should be regular, frequent, but in small amounts (5-6 meals per day, preferably at the same time). Food should not be difficult, irritating the already inflamed stomach wall: non-acute, low-fat, unsalted, not smoked, no spices, chew and have a temperature of 36-37 0 C. The diet includes lean gastritis soups or broths, semolina or rice porridge, White crackers, jelly, soups, boiled soft-boiled eggs. With an increased allocation of hydrochloric acid diet for gastritis should include whole milk (or tea with milk) and meat broths are contraindicated, as contribute to an increased secretion of gastric juice, which are already in excess. To prevent re-occurrence of gastritis and its evolution into a chronic form, it is desirable for the future and stick to your diet to exclude from the diet of coffee, sodas, get rid of bad habits.

Treatment for gastritis must appoint a physician, self-administration of drugs is only possible to relieve the symptoms of the disease manifestations associated with the pain - no-spa or swelling or disorder - Smecta. When infection (H. pylori) gastritis nature used antibiotics - antibiotics (chloramphenicol, enteroseptol), as well as substance - absorbers (activated carbon, etc.). If you have gastritis due to chemical exposure - long-term use of drugs is to refuse to accept such substances. Very good for the treatment of gastritis proven herbs: water decoction of marsh Comarum, tincture of ground tubers of orchids, in chronic gastritis - a decoction of plantain. Also help to mud baths and balneotherapy (natural mineral water).

Remember, the more early stage detection of disease, the higher the chances of its complete cure. It should be noted that with the connivance of, lack of proper treatment and a strict diet of chronic gastritis with high acidity can develop into ulcers (gastric ulcer), and chronic gastritis with low acidity - in the stomach.

List of Abbreviations

a., aa. — arteria, arteriae (artery, the artery)

lig., ligg. — ligamentum, ligamenta (ligament, the ligaments)

m., mm. — musculus, musculi (muscle, the muscle)

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